March Break – 5 – 9 years Old

2020 March Break Camps:

Magnetic Fishing Game Make your own fishing rods and pond filled with the most unique fish that your mind can dream of! This magnetic fishing game is the perfect STEAM project that you will want to keep playing with!
DIY Claw Machine Another cool STEAM project for the books! Come design and build your own arcade staple – the CLAW MACHINE, and make your own little prizes that go inside the claw machines as well!
DIY Whac-A-Mole Yes, you read it right, you will be building your very own WHAC-A-MOLE game! An educational STEAM project that promises to deliver hours of fun!!
DIY Finger Basketball Game LET’S GO RAPTORS! We are cheering on the Raptors with this STEAM project! Let’s build your own mini finger basketball game while learning all about catapult physics (elastic potential energy to kinetic energy).
DIY Skee-ball Did you know that the skee-ball machines were invented over 100 years ago?! Come design and build your very own skee-ball that will have you entertained for hours!
DIY Foosball Table Unleash your creativity through designing and decorating your own themed table-top foosball game that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours! Perfect for STEAM project enthusiasts!
Arcade Themed Costume Design & Building Have you always wanted to transform yourself your favourite arcade game character? Whether it is an imaginary or real-life character, here’s your chance to make your dream come true! Come learn about designing, pattern making and creating your own costume!
Magnetic Air Hockey Come build your own mini table top magnetic air hockey table. In this STEAM project, you will learn all about magnetism while letting your creative juice flow.
DIY Horse Racing Game Giddy-up STEAM project lovers! Come build your own horse (or other creatures of your choice!) race track while incorporating all sorts of kinetic energy such as the horizontal pulley systems!
DIY Pinball Machine We are bringing back one of CLAP’s most popular projects! Build your own themed pinball machine while learning the various elements of maths and physics!

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