Summer Camps 2023🌞

Summer Camps 2023

Creative Toddlers:
Morning Session: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Afternoon Session: 1:30pm – 3:30pm
*Drop Off Full Week One Daily Session: $220 +HST per 5 day week ($176 +HST per 4 day week)

Ages 5 and up
Full Week Half Day (9:00am – 12:00pm or 1:00pm – 4:00pm): $362 +HST per 5 day week ($290 +HST per 4 day week)
Full Week Full Day (9:00am – 4:00pm): $645 +HST per 5 day week ($516 +HST per 4 day week)

* For Half Day camps, please bring a nut-free snack and beverage
* For Full Day camps, please bring a nut-free lunch, 2 nut-free snacks, and beverage. On some days, the little artists may visit Snider Parkette during lunch time for some fresh air (weather permitting).

*All registrations are for full week only*

For first time registrations, please set-up an account by enrolling student before adding products to cart

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🎫Sibling Discount: Use coupon code clapfamsmmr2023 for 5% discount on siblings, sibling discount only applies when the registration for siblings are done on the same transaction.

⭐Early Drop Off for Ages 5+: Add Early Drop Off 8:15am - 9:00am for $45 +HST/week/child for a 5 day week. Add Early Drop Off 8:15am - 9:00am for $36 +HST/week/child for a 4 day week.

⭐Late Pick Up for Ages 5+: Add Late Pick Up 4:00pm - 5:30pm for $70 +HST/week/child for a 5 day week. Add $56 +HST/week/child for a 4 day week.

🎨New students receive a complimentary personal art supply kit on first visit. For returning students, please bring back your own personal art supply kit from previous camp/class and we will replenish supplies as needed. Additional personal art supply kits available for purchase at studio for $20 +HST.

Please follow the links below to book.

Book - Creative Toddlers Book - 5-9 Years Old Book - 10 Years old and Above


Age Group Name Description
2 – 4 y/o Creative Toddlers Get ready for some creative fun at CLAP Studio! Each week will feature a different theme where the little artists will create beautiful masterpieces using a variety of mixed media. The little artists will get to develop their fine motor skills, communication skills and cognitive skills while exploring and expressing their creativity!
5 – 14 y/o Squishy Let’s get squishy! Come make and decorate your own squishy! From foam squishy, to plush toy, to cloud slime, to making your own clay, this camp is the ultimate camp for squishy-loving artists!
5 – 14 y/o Wearable Arts Get your designer hat on and learn to create different types of wearable art! From accessories to apparel, you will get to design and create one-of-a-kind outfits that are runway worthy!
5 – 14 y/o Mini Shop Let’s build your own mini shop! Starting from design and construction, to creating merchandise and planning a launch party, this is for all our mini budding entrepreneurs! Then work collaboratively with your peers to build a community of mini shops!
5 – 14 y/o Young Architects For all STEAM education and model building lovers! Come design and construct your own architecture while learning the fundamentals of maths and physics!
5 – 14 y/o Craft Club Are you always obsessing over the latest craft videos on Tik Tok and Youtube? Join the club for some fun crafts such as squishy making, resin art, jewellery making, tie dye and many more!
5 – 14 y/o Survivor Join us for an amazing week to remember this summer! The little artists will be challenged to help their mini character survive on the deserted island  by building tents, rafts and other survival items. This STEAM camp will help further hone their fundamental math,  physics, problem solving skills, and life skills.
5 – 14 y/o Road Trip Calling all travel lovers! Let’s begin the adventure by designing your own maps and building miniature towns with interesting landmarks. Then, you will build a super cool camping car to travel to all the destinations on the map. From the desert, to the jungle, even the North Pole, wherever you want to go, you can add them on your map! It’s ultimate 3D modeling challenge incorporated with STEAM concepts.
5 – 14 y/o Ancient Civilizations Let’s travel back in time to explore the different types of art and cultures throughout history while creating your very own artefacts. We will also learn about the various STEAM concepts people used to build and create things during various time periods.
5 – 14 y/o Construction STEAM project lovers, it’s time to get your hard hats on! Let’s begin with creating your own tool belt filled with tools you will need on the job, then you will build your own mini construction site with  construction equipments.
5 – 14 y/o Pet Salon Come design your one-of-a-kind pet – whether it is a rabbit, dog, or a dragon, the sky is the limit! You will experiment with various art mediums while creating your own mixed media pet sculpture, followed by constructing a mini pet salon and tools to groom and pamper your pet! This camp is perfect for pet lovers and STEAM project lovers – you will also learn to work independently while honing your creative problem-solving skills.
5 – 14 y/o Trick Art Museum Let’s have fun and create your own trick art that will TRICK people’s BRAINS! In this camp, little artists will learn to create optical illusions using colour, light and patterns to trick the eye and play games with our brains. Are you ready to have your mind blown?
5 – 14 y/o Circus & Carnival Calling all STEAM project and game lovers, come join us for a fun-filled week where the little artists will design & build their own carnival games, circus, or puppet show! The completed creations will entertain your friends and family for hours!
5 – 14 y/o Technical Drawing & Painting Come develop and further hone your drawing and painting skills this summer! We place special emphasis on understanding of the artistic process and practice. Our goal is that you will leave this week with a new-found confidence and encouragement to reach your full potential as an artist.